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Client Case Study

The Summary

Victor’s (not his real name) company was at an inflection point. The executive committee recognized the need to reorganize to capitalize on corporate strengths and better use the skills of the employees. Through coaching, Victor was able to carve his ideal niche in the new organization by determining the characteristics of the role and how it benefited the company and by having the right conversations in a timely manner with the right people.

The Coaching Story

The Background

Victor worked at a company where his industry experience and knowledge were highly valued in a small but growing area of the business. He saw himself as a problem-solver and “unblocker,” the one called upon to swoop in to help in tough customer situations. His colleagues also depended on him for onboarding, training, and in-depth learning and he shared his knowledge freely.

Victor wanted to ensure that after the reorganization he would be in a role that suited his skill set, career aspirations, and preferred ways of working. He had a trusted mentor at work, but he realized that coaching could help him reach his goals by providing an avenue for planning and discussion with an objective resource who could help him think through his options and path. 

The Beginning

When he first came to coaching, Victor recognized his fierce sense of independence. He detested both asking for help and being helped, which he was quick to label as micromanagement, and valued autonomy above all else at work. This trait also led him to have high expectations for the people who worked with him regarding how quickly and thoroughly they ramped up, solved problems, and took in new information. Early coaching conversations contained mentions of work discussions that could have gone better if he had been more thoughtful and measured in his responses.   

The Work

As part of his coaching conversations, Victor worked on empathy and trust and their effects on his decision-making process. By working with his coach, Victor improved his listening skills and ability to see issues from others’ perspectives which, in turn, led to improved overall communication skills. 

With his coach as a guide, Victor thought through the gaps in his part of the organization and how his skill set was perfectly suited to not just filling those gaps, but also adding value for colleagues and customers, leading to a job description for his desired new role. Victor was also able to work with his coach to craft meaningful conversations with the people who were instrumental in opening the door for that new role. 

The Result

The end result of the coaching journey for Victor is that he is now in a new position for which he is ideally suited. He is also a more empathetic and thoughtful colleague and continues to gain recognition and accolades at his company.

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