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Create your unique path
to the career and life that you want
with VantageShift coaching

People just like you come to VantageShift to find their path to success after a promotion or role change, to bring about the professional change they desire, or to decide future direction


"VantageShift coaching was transformational and led me to feel a sense of achievement. Suzanne was able to direct me towards the root of my challenge and next steps that are actionable.
Suzanne's coaching style comes across as innate with a strength that lies in her ability to ask extremely thoughtful questions, both regarding the content of the questions and their timing. She is kind and warm and able to create a space that feels in every sense of the word: safe. I’m grateful for our time working together."

Georgianne Papacostas

Customer Success Executive

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The VantageShift Commitment

VantageShift isn't just a coaching business, it's a gateway to transformation for those seeking to elevate their leadership capabilities and navigate career transitions with confidence. 

With VantageShift coaching you can

•    gain focus and clarity on what you want to achieve and how to get there

•    identify your strengths and determine how to best use them

•    find your distinctive style and discover how leveraging it can make you stand out from your peers

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