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What Happens During Our Intro Chat

Why We Have an Intro Chat

There's one main reason why I offer a complimentary 20-minute introductory session:

It's important to me that you come to coaching willing to be coached by me.

Our Intro Chat is your time to discover more about coaching in general and about my coaching, specifically. It's also a great time for me to get to know you and why you are interested in coaching.

Customary Intro Chat Topics

Typical questions I may ask you during this session focus on your goals, what you want to change, how you normally go about working towards your goals. Some examples are the following:

  • What would you like to accomplish with coaching?

  • What does your desired future look like?

  • Do you prefer being guided or told in order to make progress toward a goal?

You will likely have questions of your own about coaching sessions, the process, and format.

If the conversation progresses to a decision for us to work together, then there will be some logistics to cover such as how you prefer to be contacted, when and how frequently you want to meet.

Then you can begin to reap the benefits of coaching.

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