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Why People Work with Coaches

Coaching has become increasingly popular recently, and for good reason. According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), there are many reasons why people engage with coaches.

Here are some typical reasons for engaging with a coach, as noted in ICF's "ICFCoaching101" resource:

  • Optimizing individual/team work performance (43%)

  • Improving communication skills (39%)

  • Increasing productivity (38%)

  • Expanding career opportunities (35%)

  • Increasing self-esteem/self-confidence (34%)

  • Managing work/life balance (34%)

  • Improving business management (32%)

In your career, working with a coach can support you in nagivating the challenges you encounter in your workplace and maximizing your professional potential. A professional coach can help you achieve your professional and personal goals by facilitating the creation and development of those goals and the plan for achieving them.

The benefits of coaching are real. Over time, you will notice heightened self-awareness, which is a critical skill for leaders. Through your work with your coach, you can better understand your values and motivations as well as your strengths, leading to enhanced decision-making and more effective communication. You and your organization will greatly benefit from the improved team performance and outcomes that result.

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