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I was recently honored to be the subject of an article by Fuzia as a Thoughtleader in their Humans of Fuzia feature.

When I was first contacted by a member of their management team, the sincerity and warmth of the message compelled me to respond. I also had the opportunity to join the Fuzia EmpowerX virtual summit and was truly impressed with the organization that has grown into a global network of women connecting and showcasing their talent.

Fuzia's interest in my work, knowledge, and experience was tremendous validation for what I've built so far with VantageShift. The conversations and work on the article also made me think a lot about where I want to be next year and long term. It propelled me to think of myself not just as a leader but also as someone who makes things happen.

Being recognized in a meaningful way is powerful not just for the person being recognized, but for the person performing the recognition, as well. Providing positive acknowledgement to others boosts your own motivation and sense of well-being. There is also power in having the confidence to offer others recognition; it helps you build influence.

As a leader, you have the power within you that can emerge as influence. When you acknowledge and recognize your team members and colleagues, they gravitate to you as someone they respect and want to know and work with.

It's my great pleasure to share the feature with you along with this message:

Follow your own path. You are a matchless compilation of traits, skills, experiences, and emotions; there is no one just like you and you shine with a singular light. Trust yourself to be your best source of truth and guidance.

Read the full article here.

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