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The Power of Looking Up

I've long noted that most people do not look up. Their attention is focused down or forward with an occasional backwards look. They are looking at their immediate path or their phone, thoughts occupied with the clamor of tasks, shopping lists, what they might make for dinner.

I look up. I'm fascinated with the sky. What's happening in the sky helps to clear my mind of the noise. Weather, cloud formations, constellations, phases of the moon are all captivating to me. Rainbows are especially alluring. The beautiful colors that shift between glowing and muted, the ebb and flow of the shape, the disappearance and return are sublime.

If you don't look up, you miss the glorious show. What does that mean for you day-to-day?

Looking not just down or forward but up, as well, helps you to do the following:

  • Get a clear view of your environment

When you make observations from multiple points of view, you increase your awareness. You see what's coming your way more clearly and can decide on appropriate actions from that clearer perspective. This awareness is key for decision-making.

  • Stay present

Constantly thinking about what may happen can be an important skill in a crisis, but living in that thought mode can leave you paralyzed mentally. It's difficult to move forward with any actions or plans if you can't assess what's happening now and act accordingly. In addition, staying present can help you to take in important details that you might otherwise miss.

  • Boost creativity

Training yourself to be more observant can lead you to be more innovative. Researchers at the University of Amsterdam found that strong observation skills were linked to greater creativity, originality, and flexible thinking.

Your plans, actions, and decisions can be enhanced from you seeing in all directions. So, go ahead and look up. You might see a rainbow.

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