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Updated: Jan 22

Photo by Suzanne ElNaggar

Giving thanks for all the wonderful things we have in our lives

The United States observed the Thanksgiving holiday last week and my day was filled with great company and delicious food. It was a reminder that no matter what problems I may perceive in my life, they are far outweighed by the gifts.

The past year has been challenging for so many people, me included. Even if your life hasn't really been that different in 2023, all you have to do is watch or read the news to see how unfortunate it's been for some others. From the challenges, though, I've found much to be thankful for.

In just this last year, I was able to study and complete my coaching certification and start my own company. I've worked with amazing people. I've rediscovered writing and my creative side. I'm spending more time helping my elderly mother, having long talks with my young adult children, enjoying fun outings with my husband. I'm also making lots of time for my adorable pup, now a year old, for training, play, and just hanging out. She even inspired some of the articles I've published!

I could easily have spent the last year lamenting all that I didn't have. But I downed some of my own coaching medicine. As a coach, I encourage my clients to look beyond the problems to see the opportunities. There is so much available to all of us, we just need to stay open to the possibilities.

My wish for you is that you are able to see those opportunities as they arise, be open to the possibilities that are there for you to ponder and act on, and to recognize all that you have to be thankful for.

I wish you the warm embrace of Gratitude.

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